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Fare Thee Well 

After three glorious years, meeting many wonderful people and playing at amazing venues, we say farewell. 
All great things must come to an end. However, we have created beautiful music together, learned so many things, and hopefully, gave some of the joy we had, back to you.

We'd like to thank our venues, particularly everyone at Black Mesa Winery and the Sagebrush Inn for their support. We'd also like to thank Don  Richmond, for his amazing talents and helping our CD come to fruition. We also would like to thank our fans, who have been incredibly supportive.

Our website will be up until July 17th, and you can still get our CD or digital download until then.


A Midsummer's Night Gig 

Blue Moon Prairie Town - Monsoon Rains Happy July~ The Monsoon rains have finally arrived giving us some relief here in Northern New Mexico. It renews the land and washes the dust off our souls. Rain is truly a holy thing here in the high desert. 

July is a busy month for Blue Moon Prairie. We had a great time playing the Santa Fe Bandstand last week, and are looking forward to Taos Plaza Live next Thursday. That Sunday following we hit the road for Timburon, New Mexico to play the Timburon Blues Festival. Yes - they know we are not a blues band~ Timburon is a sleepy mountain town in the Sacramento Mountains, near Cloudcroft, NM, SE of Alamogordo. Two days of great music in a beautiful location. 

Along with some of the new venues we've been playing (Black Mesa Winery's Taos Tasting Room, for one) we have a number of great, new, original tunes to play for you. 

And for those of you who prefer your music digital - remember, you can download our CD digitally from our website.

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to see more of you!

Music at 10,000' 

It's last Saturday evening.

The storm, which poured a sky-full of rain just an hour before and filled the air with lightning and thunder, had slipped serendipitously away, making way for the far-off whistles of the Cumbres Toltec steam locomotive. As this magnificant beast slowly climbed the mountain, making its way to the Cumbres summit at 10,000 feet, we were poised and ready to play a midst the picnic tables and wild mountain flowers. Then, as if called to action by a Hollywood director, this great American power house rounded the bend behind us, pouring out massive plumes of steam and smoke and sounding a series of whistles that made the ground shake.

We began to play. We could not hear ourselves and it was joyous.

(Thanks so much to: Katherine Cox, Ed Beaudette, the incredible train and catering crews, Bill Bates and the Mayor of Cumbres.... Bandit.) (More pics on our Facebook page).

Photo Credits: Wacky Rodger

Winding Down & Gearing Up... 

First off, a huge thank you to Victoria Walden, owner of Walden Fine Art, who hosted our CD release. It was a beautiful space to perform in and we greately appreciate her
 for being such a gracious host. Thank you to everyone who came and made the evening so special.

After months of writing, rehearsing and recording, it's hard to believe the night came and went. Luckily, we have a lot more to look foward to.  Throughout the rest of the summer, we will continue to play at the Santa Fe Flea Market at the Downs on Sundays (check our schedule for the specific dates) as well as starting to play locally in and around Taos.The next big day for us will be playing Taos Plaza Live! on Thursday, July 26th. It will be our introduction to the Taos area in one of the best summer venues imaginable. The evening starts at 6:00pm and we will be going on at 7:00pm. 

We are continually adding dates to our schedule, so keep checking for new shows. We will also be making a guest appearance at the Benefit Dance at the Cleveland Roller Mill Museum on 8/4, as well as playing at the Mill Festival, Labor Day weekend. Both events are very special; if you haven't been to the fundraiser - it is a potluck in the late afternoon, and then The Rifters play all evening as everyone dances in the mill. Camping is available, and if you want details - just listen to our tune "Cleveland Roller Mill" and you'll get a good idea! The potluck starts at 4-ish, and dancing starts at 7:30~ Grab your dancin' shoes and come on over!



In 9 months you can have a baby or... your first gig.  Yep - the latter.

The process of putting together a couple of sets of mostly originals is vastly different from working in a cover band. Back in the day - I could throw together 3 sets in 3 weeks and be ready to rock. With 3 different songwriters in this group, not only are our arrangments constantly evolving, but 2 days before our first gig we are still finding subtle improvements and new twists on older ideas. It also helps that everyone in the group is very flexible and generous with their compositions. That is, we are all open to new ideas to our creations; there are no hard & fast rules. 

Doing originals with other people is a lesson in patience; no instant gratification here. Well, there are exceptions. There are times, sublime, transcendant times, when we will sing a harmony, or play a passage that comes together with...grace. All the musical tumblers in the universe fall together in perfect order. It's those times that allow us to slog through the more mundane tasks.

So here we are: 9 months after our first meet-up. We will be playing a sweet, lay-back gig at a winery in Dixon tomorrow late afternoon. After 9 months of writing, rehearsing, recording, tweaking, and rehearsing some more, we now get to experience the point of all this work: to share it.

So, you're invited to share this experience and some wine with us tomorrow at Vivac Winery. We'll be starting at 4:30 and will be playing for a couple of hours. Salud!

Stories and Lies... the name of our debut CD (yet I still yearn to say "album" - old habits die hard). After our usual messy, creative process, and upon reviewing our collection of songs, we believe the name to be apt. We leave it to you to decipher which is a true story or tall tale.

We are finalizing the artwork for the liner notes and our digital release will be within the next 48 hours! It is great to hear from many of you that you will prefer to wait to have a physical CD in your hands. There is something special about an idea transforming into the tangible. The CDs will be available in approximately 3 weeks on our website.

Our date for Taos Plaza Live has been confirmed: Thursday, July 26th. We will be doing some smaller, more lay-back gigs prior to that, info on the where & when on our website and on the "shows" tab on the Facebook page. 

Alamosa, Colorado Prairie Town... 

 It seems that Alamosa, Colorado used tobe referred to as the "freezer of the nation." Although winters have been getting milder over the years, this week it lived up to it's name. The wind was howling at 40 mph and standing outside for any length of time was impossible. I think I know where Howling Dog Records got the "Howling" part of their name. We start pretty early in the morning to begin at 10am. Caroline's drive is especially long, adding an additional 2 hours as she's coming from Santa Fe.

It's a beautiful drive though - through Tres Piedras, to Antonio, and a straight shot to Alamosa. We catch up on the week, listen to the rough mix for the 1,000th time, have our own version of "I Spy" (I spy a bald eagle!), and do some rudimentary vocal warm ups along the way. it seems Robyn and Don have something in common - they both went to Adams State College, located in Alamosa. Robyn even remembers Don's band, The Tumbleweeds, playing when she went there.

We get to Don's a bit before 10. it still feels early - everything is very quiet at his lovely retreat off the beaten path, outside of the town limits. It is bitter cold; the majestic mountains to the north are enshrouded in clouds and hidden from our view. Steam rises off the cows relaxing in the snow in the pastures. The air freezes our breath. We unload our equipment; we can't get inside fast enough.

Don comes in and greets us with his trademark smile and warm hugs. It takes the chill off immediately. Today will not be so much a day of intense recording for us as it is a day of intense listening. The lion's share of recording today will be done by Don as he augments our songs with various string instruments.

At the end of the two-day session, we are all thoroughly tired.  Good work has been done by all and in one week we start the final mixdown. Robyn, the unofficial photographer, was behind the camera, rather than out front those days.  Click here for more pictures.

~Happy New Year~ 

 "Laura Speaks"
Although we've been quiet with our online presence, a lot has been happening. We approach the New Year with enthusiasm as our music continues to grow. Music is a living thing - that breathes and expands and contracts according to rhythms. The three of us are finding our collective rhythm and it is beautiful!

When Robyn, Caroline, and myself first came together, our highest vision was to be able to move around musicially on various instruments in a sort of dance. The last couple of months we were open to finding a full-time lead guitarist to broaden our sound. What we have come back to is that Blue Moon Prairie is the three of us - and always will be. We are enthusiastic about working with other musicians and have come to the conclusion that those collaborations will find us when necessary. Recently, in addition to the instruments they already play, both Robyn and Caroline have found inspiration and music in playing the bass, and I am returning to playing keyboards as well (those who know me well, will laugh at this, as I keep swearing off keyboards only to keep coming back to them...).

We head into the recording studio the second week of February to record our first CD at Howling Dog records in Alamosa, CO. After that is completed, we will start our public performances. We look forward to playing for you!

Have a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous(!) New Year!
Laura & Blue Moon Praire

Blue Buzz

 "In a world of over stimulation and over produced and over sized, this Trio of beautiful women is like honey for your soul. Their voices blend to counter all the noise and craziness showing us we can still make a point and art. Brava Grrls. You make me proud to be a woman and happy to know I'm not alone."
Nancy Stapp, Breakfast with Nancy Show - 1340 KVOT
"The thinking cowgirls answer to Porter Draw"  Adam Aguirre, Route 66 Radio Show, KUNM 89.9